Brief overview

RSPCA is an independent organization based on charity to provide animal care and protection across Australia. RSPCA Australia has a good background reputation with the government and industries, with potential success on animal welfare as well as creating a better life for the lives of millions of farm animals. One of the main purposes of RSPCA Australia is to investigate, rehabilitate and educate. Members of RSPCA serve the community by educating them on animal welfare and on how to be responsible pet owners.

A solution need to be introduced, which will create facilities for the pet owner in Australia. The simplest way to educate the population about the proper diet or exercise routine for their pet would be through a mobile app.

The mobile app would be designed to have features that will promote the well-being of pets as well as animals without owners.


Two storyboards were made to represent the situation of the pet owners in the user research.

Storyboard 1

Storyboard 1

Storyboard 2

Storyboard 2


Research on the existing app was done to have a brief knowledge about the competitors, as well as acquiring data that will be beneficial for the mobile application. A study has been done on app design trends to enhance the usability as well as the user experience of the app.

The first step of the research was to investigate the current existing app which is related to the brief.


Petable. 2017. CHANGING FAMILIES’ LIVES, ONE PET AT A TIME PETABLE. Image. https://petable.care/.

According to APOP pet obesity has seen a continuous increase in 2016 affecting 59% of cats and 54% of dogs. That is why the company Teen launched a new app called potable. Petable is an app with versatile use. The app provides the user with features that can help the user and their pet. Four of the main features of the app are timeline, newsfeed, clinic, and pet. Most of the features on the app are quite beneficial to the user as its main objective is to provide a good schedule, knowledge, and location of the clinic.

The following features will execute in the prototype.

App Design

The first stage of designing the prototype was to create the layout of the page. The design was created in a way to follow the modern aesthetic. As it is said imagery promotes the user experience, it was implemented in most of the screen. Consistency was used as a principle to create a visual flow in the app.

User Testing

After designing the prototype, 5 user tests were evaluated so as to produce feedback and improving the design and features of the prototype. The following feedback was used to improve the app design:

  • The color of the app does not fit the brand identity
  • The design of the app is not well refined
  • Poor use of highlighting principle

After taking the feedback into consideration the app was designed to suit the target audience as well as the brand identity. A/B split test was carried out to produce the best variation of three screens.

Variation B


In the process of designing an app, I have come to the conclusion that constant feedback from the target audience and peers can enhance the app in multiple ways. Without the proper information on the company, the main objective of the app would have been irrelevant. some process has made a drastic change in some part while sticking to the brief

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